…through the eyes of the little creatures on our planet.

On Science & Ants. Have fun while learning about globally relevant topics.

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by “Ant Lady”

Pssst, did you know that all ants are girls? To highlight this lovely nugget of knowledge, I use the female form (in German) when addressing folks on this

website. However, with that I still mean to address everyone equally.

Get ready to be awed.

It has helped me to see that really anyone can be a scientist – which is awesome.

I feel it has helped me be a more creative and engaging teacher. Students can be active and engaged in real science versus trying to connect through a textbook.

Citizen science is a powerful approach to teach science in the classroom.

About the "Ant Lady"

Dr. Magdalena Sorger, myrmecologist and evolutionary ecologist, currently lives in Austria. She returned to her home town Vienna after studying and working in the United States for almost 10 years. Her scientific projects have previously led her around the world and into a wide range of environments and habitats. Her work has been published in news outlets, such as the New York Times and National Geographic. Most recently, she contributed to the Netflix documentary “Alien Worlds”.

Being able to convey science and scientific concepts in a way that is accessible to a broad audience has been key since she started her own journey into science and ants in 2008. Kids and students have always been an important focus for her. She made it her goal to convey her own experiences and scientific understanding with particular regard to this group. As such, she presents topics in an engaging and interactive way in order to allow new perspectives on the exciting natural world that surrounds us all.

With Discover Ants:

Consider Species Diversity


Experience Biodiversity


Doing Science


Enjoy Environmental Education


What's inside Discover Ants:

Modul 1: Why Ants

A great start into the fascinating world of ants.

Modul 2: Find Your Ant

Learn about the species diversity all around us.

Modul 3: Identify Ant Species

Become an ant identification[er]expert.

Modul 4: Become a Scientist

A Citizen Science Projekt makes it possible.

Modul 5: Analyse your own Project

And become a data expert.