What can we learn
from Ants?

An ant colony is also called a Superorganism. Ants live in social units of up to 20 million individuals und together they can achieve incredible feats. Their nests are in no way inferior to our largest urban developments.

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by “The Ant Lady”

*Pssst, did you know that all ants are girls?  To highlight this lovely nugget of knowledge, I use the female form (in German) when addressing folks on this

website. However, with that I still mean to address everyone equally, regardless of gender.

About the "Ant Lady"

Dr. Magdalena Sorger, myrmecologist and evolutionary ecologist, currently lives in Austria. She returned to her home town Vienna after studying and working in the United States for almost 10 years. Her scientific projects have previously led her around the world and into a wide range of environments and habitats. Her work has been published in news outlets, such as the New York Times and National Geographic. Most recently, she contributed to the Netflix documentary “Alien Worlds” and can be seen in it!

When she started her journey into science and ants in 2008 (after she had just graduated from business school!), she made it a priority for herself to talk about her work and general scientific concepts in a way that is accessible to a broad audience. She always considered kids and young adults and important group to focus on. Therefore, her goal has always been to convey her own experiences and scientific understanding with particular regard to this group. As such, she presents topics in an engaging and interactive wayto allow new perspectives on the exciting natural worldthat we are all surrounded by.

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