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Dear Ant-husiasts!

I’m the “Ant Lady”! I’ve been working with ants since 2008, both in terms of scientific research as well as in terms of science communication. Moreover, ants are my love & passion and I’m looking forward to advise you about this topic.

I offer Consulting Services about Ants, for instance general questions or the identification of species.

I’m looking forward to working with you!

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About the "Ant Lady"

Magdalena Sorger, PhD is an evolutionary ecologist and a science communicator. She's been working on ants since 2008. After completing her business degree she started doing taxonomic research at the Natural History Museum in Vienna while taking classes at Vienna University. She completed her doctorate at North Carolina State University, majoring in ants & zoology. She taught at two US universities and worked at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science for multiple years. More about her research can be found at