For Schools
Eight periods full of exciting facts about science
For Schools
New input for topics that are already teaching requirements – presented from an expert in the field

species diversity

Learn how to
recognize species

Do real science

Collect and analyze data

Dear teachers, headmasters and environmental education enthusiasts!

Discover Ants will instantly place your school’s science program among the best in Austria. Your students will be doing a real science project including collecting and analyzing their own data!

Citizen Science   projects have a lot of potential in schools as they are able to combine empirical research and education. Students learn the scientific method not just in theory but rather apply it first hand.

You’ll find everything for getting started right here!

Interactive & gamified learning
Complex learning content is covered using hands-on experience while considering four globally relevant subject areas
Modular program
Implement modules individually (1-2 hrs per module) or as a project over one or several days (about 8 hours)
3 learning levels available
All materials available digitally or as hard copies
Possible to connect with the following subjects: Math, Computer Science, Art, Geography, German, English
Possibility to do an empirical “pre-scientific thesis” (Vorwissenschaftliche Arbeit), skills-oriented Matura-package available
Option für empirische VWA und kompetenzorientiertes Maturapaket





Why Discover Ants for Schools?

Teachers can shine a new light on existing teaching requirements and present them in an engaging and competent manner.

Students get new perspectives and access to nature and the biological diversity surrounding us all.




This is how Discover Ants for schools works :

Modular program
In total there are five modules. Each module consists of videos, presentations and quizzes. The modules build on each other. Try Module 1 now for free, available for a short period of time!
Independently or with expert support
All content is available digitally and can be implemented by teachers. Alternatively the “Ant Lady” is available to come to you (in person or digitally) to provide support. A combination is also possible!
Teaching materials as digital or hard copies
Each module consists of exercises which work best when students have all materials right in front of them. Teaching materials are available as digital copies (Student Licenses) and as hard copies (Teaching Materials).

Let’s get started!

Choose the option that works best for you:

Individual modules

All 5 modules can be purchased in the webshop individually. In addition, teaching materials are available in various styles.
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Teacher Workshop Package

I will come to you and interactively present the program to the teaching staff. Access to modules and student licenses for later implementation at school are included.
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Homeschooling Package

The Homeschooling Package was developed for independent lessons at home. It includes access to all modules and a virtual Q&A session with the “Ant Lady”.
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Still not sure if Discover Ants is right for you?

It has helped me to see that really anyone can be a scientist – which is awesome!
I feel it has helped me be a more creative and engaging teacher. Students can be active and engaged in real science versus trying to connect through a textbook.
Citizen science is a powerful approach to teach science in the classroom.

Discover Ants is also available
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