Identify ant species with the ant identification keys from Discover Ants from Vienna Ant species from Central Europe Ant species from North America Ant species from Southeastern USA Ant species from Midwest USA Many other regions available upon request

Each grafic (A3 format) represents a dichotomous key and can be used to identiy common ant species and ant genera.

Why an ant identification key? This identification key makes it possible to identify an ant species or an ant genus. Who can use an ant identifcation key? My identifcation key can be used by nature lovers, families, individuals, lay people, pest management officials, school classrooms and teachers. The ant identification key can be used worldwide.

We used the ant identifcation key at my general workshops and school programs which have the Citizen Science projekt Ant Picnic at their hearts, for instance.

There are some great success stories from workshops and talks in Austria, Switzerland and the USA. I have used accessible language in the identification key and language suitable for the school level so it is easy for students to identify ant species and genera. We had a great workshop at the Diefenbach Secondary School in 1050 Vienna. As part of an interactive presentation I show how to use the ant identification key. Students of the Diefenbach Secondary School in 1050 Vienna have enjoyed using it and identifying species with it.

How to recognize an ANT the Cellar Spider the Argentine Ant the Fire Ant the Asian Needle Ant  the Odorous House Ant aka Sugar Ant the Giant Odorous Ant

“How to recognize” cards have been developed to quickly identify a species. They show the most important characteristics in a postcard format.

Infos about Ant Subfamilies Ant Anatomy the Petiole

Ant graphics: anatomy, taxonomy and: the Petiole!

You’d like one of these graphics with different animal or plant species?

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