For Corporate Spaces
Venture off on a journey of discovery into the world of ants as a team and be awed!
For Corporate Spaces
Learn about an unexpected topic and discover nature along the way

Discover unfamiliar topics together

New perspectives on

Make a global

Dear Corporation!

Ants are team players. Together they can achieve what would be unattainable for a single one.

For that they need a clever division of labor, appreciation of each team member and a leadership that allows stays focus on the goal.

I’d love to tell you more! I’m looking forward to accompany your team on a journey into the world of ants!

Globally relevant topics
through globally important topics
Strengthen camaraderie
within your team
Environmental awareness & sustainability
Make a contribution as a company

Get to know each
other better

Every ant species has a personality and little quirks that are not so different from our own! – I will tell you about 15 unique ant species and we’ll find out which of them is most similar to you.

Learn something
new as a team

How do experts recognize different species? In Austria, for example, there are 130 distinct ant species! – I will show you how to differentiate ants and how to identify the most important species.

Doing real
science together

With “Citizen Science” anyone can become a real scientist! – I will tell you about the principles of the scientific method and together we’ll implement the global science project “Ant Picnic”.

Three versions available:

A peak into the
world of ants

approx. 1 hour

An afternoon with ants

Half day

An ant voyage of discovery

Full day

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