Management by Ants

Teambuilding with Ants
What can corporate leadership & teams learn from ants?

Management by Ants

Teambuilding with Ants
What can the biggest players learn form the smallest?

The corporation

as a living



Ants are team players. Together they can achieve what would be unattainable for a single one. It takes an intelligent division of labor, appreciation of every team member and a common goal!

But how are the ants doing that? What is the secret of their success? I will tell you everything about it in my talk “The Superorganization” – Teambuilding with Ants.

I’m looking forward to accompany you and your team into the world of ants!


with Ants

Global relevance

from the World of Ants

Strengthen camaraderie

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Learning from Nature

A different type of sustainability

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Every single one is important.

In an ant colony, there are many tasks. All need to be completed to make the organization function. Everyone is important. Everyone is important, to make the whole thing function.

Achieving more together.

Ants are no lone wolves. They work as a team and are able to achieve things that would be impossible for one alone. Ants get help when they are faced with difficult tasks.

Flexibility is key.

Ants are among the most successful groups of animals on earth. They are present in almost every ecosystem and often occupy major roles. The key to their success: flexibility.

"The Superorganization"

Ant ant colony is a complex interaction of individuals, to
manage something that would be impossible for a single one.

An ant colony is a SUPERORGANISM.

What should your organization consider if you wanna use ants as a model. What does the ants’ “corporate culture” look like? Is there an error culture? Are ants flexibly or rigidly organized? And is the ant queen actually the “boss”?

“The Superorganization” – Insights & Inspirations from the World of Ants

An Interactive Talk.

from 5 participants

ca. 90 min

Price upon request

"Now I understand why the tasks no one wants to do are also important!"

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About the speaker

After finishing a business degree, Magdalena Sorger discovered her love & passion for ants which caused her to move to the United States and pursue a second educational path. Despite focusing on science, she always incorporated her diverse skill set in her work and founded Discover Ants. As a Science Communicator, she presents thoughtful talks and workshops, always considering the audience in front of her.