About me and my business

Discover Ants was founded in 2021. The company’s goal is to bring nature awareness and environmental education into schools, corporate spaces and other places.

I discovered my passion for ants on my student exchange semester at UIUC while finishing my master’s degree in International Business at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. This lead me to working at the Natural History Museum in Vienna and finally moving to the United States, where I did my doctorate in Zoology at North Carolina State University with a special focus on ants.
Aside from my scientific work, which has appeared in news outlets such as the New York Times and National Geographic, I completed training on teaching and pedagogical methods. As a result, I had teaching assignments at two schools in NC.
Most recently, I worked at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Ralegh, NC where I collaborated with middle school teachers to create (teaching standards-based) curriculum for bringing science and ants into the classroom through citizen science.
After returning to Austria, my home country, I decided to start Discover Ants.
More about me and my previous work at theantlife.com.

Mission & Vision

Discover Ants allows people to appreciate and connect with nature – through ants. Let yourself (re)discover your inner child and marvel at the discoveries you will start making in your environment. Everyone possesses an instinct for discovery independent of age, race and background.

Nature doesn’t discriminate. Encounters made in this space bring people together and promote trust and mutual understanding.

Discover Ants’ vision is to make information by experts in their fields who are passionate about their work more accessible. Education should be available for every learning type. Discover Ants is actively contributing to this goal.