At home
Discover the world of ants! An exciting learning program for every age group.
At home
Environmental education focused on ants Learn something new to take it into the world around you.



Learn how to think like a scientist

Work with
real data

Hi all!

Did you know that there are more than 130 different ant species in Austria? Although you may spend a lot of time in nature, maybe you don’t know much about the incredible species diversity surrounding you…

Discover Ants is an interactive learning program centered around a fun yet important subject: Ants!

As part of the program you will participate in a real science project and become a Cititzen Scientist!

Learn something new
Interactively & gamified
For all learning types
Three learning levels, find the perfect one for you!
Flexible learning program
Each module consists of distinct elements.
Created by an experienced expert
We’re covering 4 globally relevant subject areas
Get a new perspective
Experience nature.
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Which ant species is exactly like me?

Ant species don’t just differ in color and shape but have personalities and little quirks just like us!

Get to know species diversity

The ant identification key works like a labyrinth game. You’ll become an ant detective and ant identification expert!

Do real science at home

The Citizen Science project “Ant Picnic” makes it possible! You’ll learn how science works and make a contribution to a global project.

This is how Discover Ants works at home :

Modular program
In total there are five modules. Each module consists of videos, presentations and quizzes. The modules build on each other. Try Module 1 now for free, available for a short period of time!
Independently or with expert support
All content is available digitally and can be implemented independently. It is possible to book a virtual or in-person Q&A session with the “Ant Lady”.
Teaching materials as digital or hard copies
Each module consists of exercises which work best when you have all materials right in front of you as hard copies. Digital licenses for all materials are included with the modules, in addition you have the option to purchase hard copies in the shop (Teaching materials).
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Let’s get started!

Choose the option that works best for you:

Individual modules

All 5 modules can be purchased in the webshop individually. In addition, teaching materials are available in various styles.
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Homeschooling Package

The Homeschooling Package was developed for independent lessons at home. It includes access to all modules and a virtual Q&A session with the “Ant Lady”.
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Still not sure if Discover Ants is right for you?

It has helped me to see that really anyone can be a scientist – which is awesome!
I feel it has helped me be a more creative and engaging teacher. Students can be active and engaged in real science versus trying to connect through a textbook.
Citizen science is a powerful approach to teach science in the classroom.

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