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Dive into the world of ants – an interactive presentation on a selection of focus-topics

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An engaging and professional presentation – by the “Ant Lady” who, through ants, also found a passion and love.

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Dear event managers & party organizers!

I am an ant expert. For me ants are not just an area I have done in-depth scientific research on but instead, they are also my love and passion.

In my talks I tell the stories of my adventures while I was in the field in Borneo,Ethiopia, Guatemala, etc.and of my scientific discoveries while I lived and worked in the United States.

I’m looking forward to sharing my experience and exploring the world of ants together!

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Five possible focus topics for talks:

Ants with superpowers – getting to know global diversity

Ants are true superheroines! Each species has their own special power. I will tell you about trap-jaw ants, gliding ants and many more.

Get to know Austrian ants better

There are 130 different ant species in Austria. I will introduce several local ant species. I will also tell you how to find and identify them.

Citizen Science with Ants – do real science!

Citizen Science gives everyone the opportunity to do science! I will introduce the "Ant Picnic" project and we’ll implement it in small teams. We’ll analyze the data together.

Adventures of an ant researcher

I’ve been able to get around quite a bit in my life. I will tell you about my experiences and adventures during my field trips to places such as Borneo, Ethiopia and Costa Rica.

Switching career paths – from business to biology

I didn’t always know that I wanted to become an ant researcher. I was studying business and then discovered my passion for ants. This is my story.

Two versions available:

Standard presentation

An approx. 1.5 hour talk on the selected topics. The audience will be included.

An interactive journey of discovery

Half a day centered on the selected topic, presented interactively

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